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one of the important things in life is to know you have absolutely no need to impress yourself or prove you’re better than someone else.

Sadness, and trying to grasp it

I’ve been called an asshole, a jerk. I’ve been called cold, been told indirectly several times that I’m uncaring.

I agree.

It’s genuinely how I am. It’s the top layer of what defines me as a person. It’s the polished layer, tidy and spotless. A spot of dust I will brush away like dirt on my shoulder. Nothing affects me much.

It’s natural to step back from the things that make you feel depressed. However, I am still a human being, whose top layer and middle layer has a big gap. From there on, the layers are more textured.

They feel rough. They’re dirty. I imagine that if i were to stroke it, it would scratch my skin gently. The second layer, it won’t hurt. The third layer it gets rougher, and the bottom layer, that will tear the skin off. Something like that.

I, for some reason, enjoy the pain. I enjoy sadness; depressing things. I love to cry. I love to feel my head hurt because of overwhelming emotions I never dealt much with. I enjoy the sudden switch from a calm mental state to an intense grieving moment.

I like to call myself an emotional masochist. I control my emotions well, but when they get overwhelming, it’s… somewhat of another universe for me. I like it.

Fortunately and unfortunately for me, such moments are not easy to get into.

zankyou no terror does things to me. So far one of my fav animes this year and prob of all times.

ALSO, MAYBE I MISSED SOMETHING BUT… there’s no manga?? or maybe it has an alternative title I didn’t hear of?? if someone has knowledge of this then ples tell me

character from 2013, created in class. never colored him but he has lots of blues.

character from 2013, created in class. never colored him but he has lots of blues.

classes begin monday and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it

sorry guys, i’m too busy with dealing with the pup to deal with other stuff. Stickers will be on hold for longer.

Sticker sheets arrived!… however…

I kinda fucking miscalculaed lmaoo

I ordered the stickers @ Zapcreatives in 1 x 1.5 inch format. Thing is, maybe they stated it somewhere and I missed it, but I thought that’d be the dimensions of the stickers themselves.

This is a fault on my part. Now I’m stuck with around 50 tiny-ass sticker sheets measuring 1 x 1.5 inches lmaoo, idk what to do with them. They’re quite difficult to peel unless you got some nice long nails, Oki’s mask color is a bit too dark, etc. etc.

I kinda expected some faults anyway. I wanted to use this as something I could learn from and to not make the same mistake in the future so this actually really served me well.


his name is T.C. (Tough Cookie).


his name is T.C. (Tough Cookie).